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How to Save Wedding Costs

catering TorontoHow to Save on Wedding Costs

Most catering Toronto companies agree that a wedding is a costly affair. You must consider the costs of the venue rental, photographer, video, decor, entertainment, wedding dress, hair, makeup, transportation, wedding planner and more. If you over spend or over budget for these wedding costs, you will have to compromise on your wedding catering. By the time you get to your wedding catering, a large amount of your wedding budget is consumed.
To prevent this, consider what you are going to spend on wedding catering and venue rental first. Two things that are remembered by wedding guests are food and entertainment. You should never compromise on the food you are going to serve your guests.

Most catering Toronto companies state that you should consider some of the following cost saving ideas to save money.

1.  Consider having your wedding in the winter or fall. The demand is lower and event venues offer a variety of promotional discounts to attract you. Choosing to have your wedding off season will give you the opportunity to add some upgrades to your wedding at a reduced or no cost basis.
2.  Pick an event venue which is all inclusive. The banquet hall should have an onsite ceremony room and inhouse catering. The ambiance of the venue should be visually appealing. This saves on décor costs.
3. A very difficult cost saving measure to implement is to limit your guest list.
4. Choose a simple menu with an extravagant sweet table ending. Serving chicken instead of beef will reduce your catering costs. Consider seasonal vegetables when deciding on side dishes. Skip the hors d’oeuvres during cocktails and start the main course with a green salad and pasta. Do not offer a premium bar. Provide a rail bar or maybe just have a cash bar.

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