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Cuban catered events provide a wonderful change to traditional social event catering options.

On my recent trip to Florida, I visited Columbia restaurant and fell madly passionate about the following two recipes:

Spanish Bean Soup

Ingredients: 1/2  pound garbanzos, one pound of potatoes, four ounces of white bacon, one onion, one beef bone, one ham bone, one pinch saffron, one  tablespoon salt, two ounces of Crisco, two quarts of water, one Spanish sausage.

Soak garbanzos overnight with a tablespoon of salt sufficient water to cover beans. When ready to cook drain the salted water from the beans and put the garbanzo beans, beef bone and ham bone in to two quarts of water. Cook for forty five minutes on slow fire. Fry the bacon and onions which have been cut fine and place in  pot. Add potatoes, saffron and salt to the pot. When potatoes are done remove from heat and add the chorizo.

This bean soup recipe from Columbia restaurant is amazing.

Another exciting recipe from this establishment is the yellow rice and chicken combination.

The ingredients for the yellow rice and chicken are: one onion, two button garlic, one bay leaf, pinch of saffron, one pound rice, one half pint of olive oil, two pimentos, one green pepper, two tablespoons of salt, six medium size tomatoes, one and one half quarts of water and two ounces of green peas.

Cut the chicken into quarters and fry with onions and garlic, when finished add tomatoes and water. Boil for five minutes. Add bay leaf, salt, rice, saffron, and green peppers. Stir thoroughly and heat for twenty minutes at a medium setting. When done garnish with peas and pimentos.

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