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Cuban catered events provide a wonderful change to traditional social event catering options.

On my recent trip to Florida, I visited Columbia restaurant and fell madly passionate about the following two recipes:

Spanish Bean Soup

Ingredients: 1/2  pound garbanzos, one pound of potatoes, four ounces of white bacon, one onion, one beef bone, one ham bone, one pinch saffron, one  tablespoon salt, two ounces of Crisco, two quarts of water, one Spanish sausage.

Soak garbanzos overnight with a tablespoon of salt sufficient water to cover beans. When ready to cook drain the salted water from the beans and put the garbanzo beans, beef bone and ham bone in to two quarts of water. Cook for forty five minutes on slow fire. Fry the bacon and onions which have been cut fine and place in  pot. Add potatoes, saffron and salt to the pot. When potatoes are done remove from heat and add the chorizo.

This bean soup recipe from Columbia restaurant is amazing.

Another exciting recipe from this establishment is the yellow rice and chicken combination.

The ingredients for the yellow rice and chicken are: one onion, two button garlic, one bay leaf, pinch of saffron, one pound rice, one half pint of olive oil, two pimentos, one green pepper, two tablespoons of salt, six medium size tomatoes, one and one half quarts of water and two ounces of green peas.

Cut the chicken into quarters and fry with onions and garlic, when finished add tomatoes and water. Boil for five minutes. Add bay leaf, salt, rice, saffron, and green peppers. Stir thoroughly and heat for twenty minutes at a medium setting. When done garnish with peas and pimentos.

Our international catering team provides delicious cuisine from  different parts of the world. Our executive chef would be happy to discuss our Cuban menu options for your event. Avenue Catering provides simply perfect Toronto catering solutions for all your needs.


Bar mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah Catering

Bar mitzvahTraditional bar mitzvah catering is boring. You must spice things up to make it fun for the kids as well as the adults. Do you want a stuffy formal affair or a care free fun atmosphere? Bar mitzvahs are supposed to be joyful fun events.

Avenue catering was recently asked to cater the food for a bar mitzvah carnival theme event. The challenge was to create foods which would blend with the carnival décor and that would not require a knife and fork.

Our catering team was thrilled to be part of this exciting adventure.

Our food selection was based on traditional carnival food. We had to consider that all carnival food is fried. This may not be a healthy choice, but its just for one night. Its not like you are eating fried food daily. I think that all dietary regiments allow for one day of cheating.

Corn Dogs
Fried Green Tomatoes
Fried Pickles
Chicken on mini waffles
Popcorn chicken
French fries
Fried Oreos
Cotton candy
Caramel pop corn
New York style pretzels
Coney Island Hot Dogs.

For people who could not eat fried foods, we created the following:
Fruit kebabs
Falafel waffle
Quinoa salad in a tortilla inspired cup
Mexican style corn on the cob
Mini grilled charcoal grilled shish kebab

We ended the evening with nitrogen pop corn and ice cream.

Avenue catering is a full-service Toronto catering company. They can recommend Toronto venues which are an alternative to traditional event venues. They can also recommend vendors which would satisfy your budget and your vision.

Avenue catering has partnered with a kosher catering company and can provide you with kosher catering, if requested.

The international chefs at the Avenue catering company have a wealth of catering knowledge from all parts of the world. They love to display their creativity when given the opportunity. We create simply perfect catering solutions for all your events.




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How to Save Wedding Costs

catering TorontoHow to Save on Wedding Costs

Most catering Toronto companies agree that a wedding is a costly affair. You must consider the costs of the venue rental, photographer, video, decor, entertainment, wedding dress, hair, makeup, transportation, wedding planner and more. If you over spend or over budget for these wedding costs, you will have to compromise on your wedding catering. By the time you get to your wedding catering, a large amount of your wedding budget is consumed.
To prevent this, consider what you are going to spend on wedding catering and venue rental first. Two things that are remembered by wedding guests are food and entertainment. You should never compromise on the food you are going to serve your guests.

Most catering Toronto companies state that you should consider some of the following cost saving ideas to save money.

1.  Consider having your wedding in the winter or fall. The demand is lower and event venues offer a variety of promotional discounts to attract you. Choosing to have your wedding off season will give you the opportunity to add some upgrades to your wedding at a reduced or no cost basis.
2.  Pick an event venue which is all inclusive. The banquet hall should have an onsite ceremony room and inhouse catering. The ambiance of the venue should be visually appealing. This saves on décor costs.
3. A very difficult cost saving measure to implement is to limit your guest list.
4. Choose a simple menu with an extravagant sweet table ending. Serving chicken instead of beef will reduce your catering costs. Consider seasonal vegetables when deciding on side dishes. Skip the hors d’oeuvres during cocktails and start the main course with a green salad and pasta. Do not offer a premium bar. Provide a rail bar or maybe just have a cash bar.

Avenue catering is a Toronto wedding catering company providing wedding solutions to your wedding budget needs.

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Tips on the Pairing of Wine

Toronto catering companyThe sign of a good Toronto corporate catering company is the ability to offer you advice on the pairing of wine with the food being prepared for your event.

Certain types of food do not go well with certain types of wines. Do you know why red wine does not pair well with fish? Red wines contain tannin and when combined with fish will leave a metallic taste in your mouth. Can you imagine what a dinner disaster this would create?

Wine should either compliment or contrast your food. Wine pairing with food requires the understanding of the chemical elements present in the wine and the components of the food. What are the ingredients in the food? How is the food cooked and what is the taste and texture of the finished food? A caterer must be a good cook and a sommelier at the same time to be able to combine food and wine. The objective is to make food and wine taste better when consumed together.

Consider the following simple guide to wine pairing for your personal needs:

1. Red wine for beef, cheese, cured meats, duck, lamb, pasta, pizza, risotto.

2. White wine for chicken, fish, shell fish and turkey.

3. Sweet wine for desserts

For a more in-depth guide to wine choices check out

Avenue catering is a full service corporate catering company. We understand the importance of maintaining a corporate brand image. All our catering and event planning solutions insure a successful event. We can meet the challenges of all dietary requests. We can modify all our menus or create new ones to accommodate halal, kosher, vegan, vegetarian and allergy requested foods

Avenue Catering is a Toronto catering company which provides catering solutions and event planning solutions to all your corporate events. We respect your budget and try not to exceed it.

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Birthday Party Catering

birthday party catering Last night’s birthday party was a tremendous success. We served buffalo wing caramel popcorn as part of our sweet station display. The guests kept coming back for more. Everyone wanted the recipe. We are always looking for new and innovative catering trends to offer our clients.

We wanted to share this great recipe with everyone. It can be found on the October 12, 2017 issue of . It has a real kick to it. You must make sure that you have plenty of beer on hand. Everyone seemed to be double fisting this treat.

We also added some Halloween inspired monster treats to the party because its only two weeks from now. The recipe treats can be found at They include: Frankenstein pretzels, mummy brie, Reese’s apple nachos, pumpkin spice pretzels, monster munch, apple fries, ghost pizza bagels, pumpkin deviled eggs, cheez it crack, chocolate apple pops, trash bark, salted caramel popcorn, apple nachos, Halloween candy bark, white chocolate mummy pretzels. Our favourite was the apple fries.

The birthday party was cocktail style and featured a variety of butler passed hors d’oeuvres. They included: Vietnamese spring rolls, smoked pulled pork sliders, chicken wing lollipops, mini waffles with chicken drizzled with maple syrup, mini fish tacos, Jamaican shrimps, Argentine empanadas.

Two interactive food stations provide more delicious munchies for everyone. A chef attended, carved, smoked brisket station with artisan buns and condiments. A miniature replica of a sushi boat with a variety of sushi being prepared by an expert sushi chef.
No birthday party is complete without a birthday cake. Our birthday boy loves football. His cake was in the shape of a football placed in the center of a football field.

Avenue catering is a Toronto catering company offering creative solutions to all types of events. Our professional team listens to your needs and provides simply perfect catering.

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Catering wedding tips.

Wedding catering Toronto

Organic Grilled Lamb Chops with Garlic and Lime

Catering your wedding requires planning and careful consideration.

Some considerations to think about when catering your wedding:

Consider thе ѕеаѕоn in whісh уоu’rе gеttіng married and іf уоu’d lіkе fооdѕ tо match. If уоu’rе hаvіng a summer wedding, bаllраrk fооdѕ like ѕlіdеrѕ or mіnі hot dogs would bе a hit, аѕ wеll as bеасhу fооdѕ ѕuсh as ѕluѕhіеѕ аnd light ѕаndwісhеѕ. Fall wеddіngѕ аrе реrfесt fоr саrаmеl аррlеѕ аnd ѕсrumрtіоuѕ dіѕhеѕ lіkе аррlе ріе. Hot cocoa or аррlе cider will wаrm up the mооd аt a winter wеddіng, and durіng Sрrіng, anything with fruits аnd vеggіеѕ would bе a fabulous сhоісе. Thе seasons are a grеаt wау tо gеt inspired аbоut thе tуре оf food tо have at your European wedding.

Dоеѕ уоur European wedding have a thеmе? If so, create аn array оf food thаt is сlеvеrlу соnnесtеd. You саn be аѕ creative оr traditional аѕ уоu wаnt! Fоr еxаmрlе, іf уоu’rе having a саrnіvаl thеmеd reception, go fоr the hіghlу anticipated саrnіvаl fооdѕ lіkе соttоn саndу, corn dоgѕ аnd popcorn.

Your food саn be аѕ muсh a part of уоur wеddіng соlоr palette аѕ anything еlѕе, аnd guests love tо nоtісе thіѕ creative tоuсh. Thоѕе lіttlе оrаngе ѕlісеѕ on thе drinks оr the уеllоw аnd red trіflеѕ wіll have еvеrуоnе tаlkіng about how cute they аrе bесаuѕе thеу mаtсh уоur dесоr! Yоu can gеt candy, slushies, juісеѕ, desserts аnd a numbеr of fruіtѕ аnd veggies in juѕt about аnу соlоr you want, so whу nоt trу аnd match a fеw treats to уоur decor?

It’ѕ a muѕt to tаkе into ассоunt whаt fundѕ уоu hаvе аvаіlаblе. Sеrvіng all оf уоur friends, со-wоrkеrѕ and fаmіlу саn gеt рrеttу рrісеу, so dо уоur homework! Aftеr considering whаt types оf fооd уоu mіght wаnt at уоur event, research аѕ mаnу options as you can, including: саtеrеrѕ, ѕtоrе bоught items, fооd trucks, оr hоmеmаdе goodies. Aѕ a brіdе, уоu need tо dесіdе whаt іѕ mоѕt іmроrtаnt to уоu at your rесерtіоn. If dеlісіоuѕ, bеаutіful food іѕ a bіg fасtоr fоr уоu in the success оf уоur еvеnt, соnѕіdеr аllосаtіng a fеw mоrе dollars tоwаrd thіѕ аrеа аnd сut bасk somewhere еlѕе. Thаt wау уоu саn hіrе thаt amazing саtеrіng соmраnу аnd ѕіt back аnd rеlаx. If money is tight but уоu ѕtіll want bеаutіful food, саtеrеrѕ have several budgеt орtіоnѕ and саn often deconstruct their mеnuѕ tо give you portions оf a menu.

Avenue catering provides simply perfect Toronto catering solutions for your wedding

Christmas dinner party

Christmas Party Alternative to Traditional Foods

Christmas dinner partyAvenue Catering listens to the needs of their clients. A corporate client requested that we design vegetarian finger foods for their Christmas party. They wanted to offer their employees a healthy alternative to traditional Christmas cuisine

Our catering team created the following vegetarian finger foods:

Wild mushroom, truffle and Gorgonzola arancini ball with tomato salsa (hot)
Caramelised onion and goats cheese tartlet (hot)
Spicy pumpkin soup with chilli and ginger in a shot glass (hot)
Halloumi skewers with parsley and lemon salsa (hot)
Wild mushrooms with roasted butternut squash on crisp toast (cold)
Roasted butternut squash, maple goats cheese, pumpkin seeds (cold)
Goats cheese, cranberry and pistachio pop (cold)
Roasted grape crostini with goats cheese and walnuts (cold)
Honey roasted pumpkin with poached pear on pumpernickel (cold)
Stilton and broccoli tartlet
Tomato, mozzarella and basil pesto skewer
Mango chutney and cheddar palmier
Cranberry and Brie tartlet
Roasted parsnip and quinoa cake
Roasted pumpkin, sage, walnut & goat’s cheese tartlets
Spanakopita filo triangles filled with fresh spinach, feta, mint & dill
Mushroom bruschetta.
Mango salsa.
Sweet potato fries.
Vietnamese spring rolls.
Red peppers stuffed with goat cheese.
Pepper Jelly on crackers with cream cheese.
Baked polenta bites topped with sautéed mushroom and caramelized onions.
Tortilla roll ups with a variety of finely chopped veggies mixed into cream cheese.
Toast cups filled with mushroom sautéed in butter with port.
Corn and feta potato cakes.
Mini Khasta Kachoris
Aloo Samosas
Fried Idlis with Chutney
Cucumber hummus bites
Broccoli cheddar bites
Buffalo chick pea tortilla bites
Spinach ricotta puffs
Lentil fritters
Spicy baked tofu nuggets
Caprese skewers with balsamic drizzle
Sweet potato and ginger parcels
Chilli peanut Vietnamese rolls.
Bombay potato bites
Mini baked potato bites|
Sweet potato rounds with goat cheese and cranberries.
Aubergine rolls with pesto.

We set up a magnificent buffet display for 175 employees. The Christmas party dinner was very successful. The employees enjoyed sampling new foods.

Avenue Catering offers simply perfect Toronto catering solutions to all your entertainment requests.

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Social Events in Toronto

Catering TorontoSocial Events and Private Parties

Social events should be stress free and effortless. Your primary concern should be to socialize with your friends and guests. Planning for the event and cooking for the event should not be part of the process. It should not involve set up and clean up by you. Let Avenue Catering do the work for you. Let our professional party planners and international chefs cater to all your needs.

Life is a journey filled with adventures and celebrations. We have catered numerous social events in the last decade. Some of our events have included: birthday parties, theme parties, holiday parties, anniversaries, retirements, sweet sixteen parties, family reunions, fundraisers, baby showers, engagement parties, cocktail parties, milestone events, new home receptions, pool parties, appreciation events, seated dinners, graduation parties, coming home parties. Let us know, if you do not see your social event mentioned.

Our goal is to provide you with simply perfect catering and event planning solutions. Our food is prepared by a group of international chefs who strive to please you. All our ingredients are fresh and sourced local, when feasible.

Our professional staff provide expert guidance to insure your party’s success. We guarantee that your event will be memorable. We listen and address all your concerns and desires. We create your party’s vision by providing you with solutions to décor, entertainment, venue location and catering.

We will design and create a catering menu to suit your taste and your budget. Our chefs can offer international foods from any part of the world. We can create traditional cultural foods, modern foods and the fusion of foods from different cultures. We will provide you with a food tasting, once the food menu has been determined. There will be no surprises to the foods which you have selected.

Avenue Catering is Social Catering at its best. It is the most affordable Toronto catering company.

Tips for a Successful Company Christmas Party

Planning a Company Christmas Party

You have been delegated the task of planning your company Christmas party. Panic sets in because last years Christmas party was a total disaster. Everyone is expecting you to perform miracles.

Don’t panic. The Avenue Catering Company has created the following checklist for you to consider.
1. What is your budget? The amount of money you can spend will determine the type of Christmas party you can have. You need to know the resources which are available to you.
2. Select a Date. Offer several date options to your employees. Most Christmas parties are held in the second and third week of December. Some companies hold their parties in the first week of January for budgetary reasons. Event venues offer tremendous promotional discounts during that time.
3. Determine the type of Christmas party you want to host. Are you going to plan a lunch during the day? Are you planning an evening affair? Will family members be invited? Will the party be off site at an event venue or will it be at your place of business?
4. You need to find a venue. The holiday season is a busy time for event venues. You are competing with other companies and social events for space. The earlier you book a venue, the better your chances for securing a facility to host your party. Most companies begin their search in August. Arrange for a site visit with the venue to discuss your needs. Make sure the venue has in house catering. Insist that everything that you discuss becomes party of your contract. Do not be shy with your negations.
5. You must decide on alcohol consumption. Are you going to have a cash bar, host bar, predetermined paid drink tickets or no bar? Remember that the availability of excessive free alcohol may lead to regrettable employee behavior.
6. Are you going to have a DJ, musician or just an ipod with music?
7. Don’t forget the “thank you” speech.

Avenue Catering makes it easy for you. We can present you with a wide variety of Christmas options that will suit your budget and your taste. We have been planning company Christmas parties for over a decade and can provide you with Toronto catering and planning solutions.

Wedding catering Toronto

Do You Really Need a Wedding Planner


Wedding catering TorontoWedding planners can cost a lot of money. And, when your budget is tight, it can be a difficult decision when it comes to hiring one for your wedding.

So, do you really need a wedding planner?

It depends on if you are up for the challenge or not. And, of course, how many people are willing to help with the planning and organization.

Here’s a simple list of questions you should ask yourself before making the decision to hire or forego a planner.

1. Do you have the time to take phone calls and meet with vendors on a regular basis? You’ll need to make sure to take the time to talk to lots of vendors and meet with them to make sure everything is coordinated properly.
2. Are you getting married someplace that you are familiar with or is the wedding location out of the state or country in an area that you aren’t familiar with? If it’s not someplace you’re familiar with you may consider a wedding planner in that area. Most likely they’ll know of better vendors, locations and can even help you get better deals.
3. Do you have family and friends who are willing to help you out? If the answer is no, then it means that you can’t delegate all of the work that goes into planning a wedding. If this is the case, you may consider the aide of a wedding planner.
4. Are you organized and punctual? If you answered no to either of these, a wedding planner may be a good idea, especially if you want your wedding day to go off without a hitch.
5. Will your fiancé be able to help too? If your fiancé can’t help, then this may be another reason you want to get a wedding planner. The stress of planning a wedding all by yourself may cause unnecessary stress on your relationship.
6. Do you have a friend that’s not part of the wedding party that can help make sure things come together on the wedding day? You’ll be busy enough on your special day as it is so you need someone who can handle things as they arise.
7. Do you think you’d enjoy planning it? If you love the idea of planning every little thing and you love entertaining in general then this may be for you. But if just the idea of all of this makes you feel stressed, a wedding planner is probably your best option.

So, how’d you do?

Do you feel ready to act as your own wedding planner or are you going to make a smart investment and hire one? Every couple is different, as are the needs for their wedding. For some couples, a wedding planner makes perfect sense. But, for others, hiring one can be unnecessary expense.

Avenue catering provides solutions to all your Toronto wedding catering needs. We work with the top wedding planners in Toronto. We can help you determine if you need the services of a wedding planner.